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August 26, 2012 10:37 am

f="http://leftish.tumblr.com/post/30252153162/wait-a-minute">Wait a minute…?

Has anybody thought this through?

The GOP is hoping to enact legislation which would force “legitimate” rape victims to bring their unwanted pregnancies to term.  They are also forcing these women to be a parent (perhaps a single parent) to this child for life. One brief moment has changed the victim’s life and plans forever.

So what about the rapist?  Are the Republicans also requiring the rapists to take on all the duties and responsibilities of being a “Legitimate FATHER”? This normally includes child support and shared custody. Or are the rapists being given a free pass?  Or SHOULD they be given one?

Where does this end?

We have already forced these women to go through pregnancy alone and give birth to an unwanted child.  They did not get to CHOOSE the father of their children.  Their lives have been enormously and permanently altered.  Are these victims now required to provide for this child as a single mother?  Or are these victims expected to allow a twisted criminal to share the burden of raising their children?

I mean, don’t Republicans deride bastards — created by unmarried couples?  I thought they believed in the absolute need for every child to have a “traditional family” upbringing, which is defined as a partnership between one female mother and one male father, ONLY.  So where do these rape victims and rapist babies fit into the tidy little GOP version of things?

If the law demands women to give birth, no matter what, then what is best once this lawful bastard child is born?  Why should the rape victim bare all the costs, trials and tribulations of raising this child?   But what rape victim would want to have to interact with her rapist, and share the raising of their mutual child with him?

This whole idea is an insane concept.

White men debating and deciding the fate of American women of every color is sheer madness.

Here’s a thought.

If the Government creates a law forcing a rape victim (who is being treated as nothing more than a brood mare) to give birth to an unwanted child, then the Government should fully provide for this Government-Mandated Child of the State from birth to legal adulthood.  Right?

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