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We have 24 hours to stop the U.S. Senate from giving the green light to a project that would have a catastrophic impact on our climate.

You may have heard about the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline that would ship dirty tar sand oil from Canada to the Gulf right through America’s agricultural heartland. Not only would this disastrous project jeopardize our water and land with the threat of leaks and spills — it would also make our efforts to stabilize climate change virtually impossible.

Last month President Obama rejected construction of the pipeline, but many Senators are rushing to resurrect it in order to protect some of their biggest donors — Big Oil. 

To stop them, we need a remarkable response. Democracy for America has joined with dozens of other organizations to collect and deliver 500,000 messages before tomorrow’s vote.

Add your name now.

The petition says: “Senators: Block any efforts to revive the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.”

There is no way to build Keystone XL that does not accelerate production of the tar sands and contribute disastrous amounts of carbon to climate change. Only Big Oil would benefit from the pipeline — every single claim about the positive economic impact has been proven false by independent review.

For the next 24 hours, it’s all hands on deck. 

Tomorrow we will deliver boxes upon boxes of signatures to the U.S. Senate. It will be a unified show of our power — our voices against the money of Big Oil.

We don’t have a second to lose. Can you sign the petition to the Senate right away and then share it with your friends?

Thanks for everything you’ve done already — and everything you will do to make the next 24 hours a really big deal. 

Let’s do this!!

December 9, 2011 11:17 am
Virginia GOP MAJORITY ponders uranium mining

via Maddow Blog


The headline news out of Virginia right now is that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Tea Party Republican, is on his way to running for governor. Mr. Cuccinelli is part of a Republican majority that has only grown stronger. After the November elections, the GOP now controls the governorship and (likely) both chambers of the state legislature. Progressives are bracing for the new GOP agenda.

On the wish list, apparently, is opening the state to uranium mining. The process of digging the gold of the nuclear industry out of the ground is a fraught proposition, with the potential for environmental degradation that starts with chemicals contaminating the ground water and goes all the way to radioactive tailings.

Yesterday a state-ordered study of a proposed uranium mine in Pittsylvania County predicted that the mine would add 1,000 jobs, $3.1 million in tax revenue and $135 million boost for the economy — over 35 years. Environmentalists citing the same study tell the Washington Post that if things go wrong, the project could end up costing Virginia taxpayers more than $6.6 billion.

The mining company involved, Virginia Uranium, gave gifts to 140 members of the Virginia legislature last year, the WaPo reports. The top five giftees were Republican. For Virginia Uranium, the big hurdle is that the state hasn’t got the regulations needed for uranium mining, so the company can’t proceed. New rules are out for study by the National Academy of Sciences. Meanwhile, the politics play out. From D.C. Bureau:

“We’re not sitting still while the NAS study is going on. In January of 2012, we will have a bill in the state legislature that directs the Department of Mineral, Mines and Energy to develop the regulations of uranium mining.

When asked who would introduce the bill, Coles Jr. said, “We have a number of legislators who have offered.”


May 16, 2011 8:17 pm April 2, 2011 11:53 am

f="http://leftish.tumblr.com/post/4289390104/did-anyone-else-see-josh-fox-author-of-gasland-being">Did anyone else see Josh Fox (author of Gasland) being interviewed by Dylan Ratigan on Friday?

I found this interview really disturbing.  Ratigan is usually pretty right on, but he seems to have this obsessions with T. Boone Pickens and his Natural Gas agenda, while ignoring all the facts about Fracking, and the dangers involved in extracting Natural Gas.  Here’s the letter I wrote to Mr. Ratigan, registering my horror at how this interview went, and how Josh Fox was treated:

Hi Dylan ~

OMG, do you work for T. Boone Pickens now?  I can’t believe the rude and hostile way you treated Josh Fox on Friday!!   Your heated attack on him came across as both pre-planned, and transparent.  We KNOW how you feel about Natural Gas (and inexplicably, how you feel about your hero, T. Boone Pickens), Dylan!  You hardly gave Josh a chance to speak!

After seeing the segment, I came away with the distinct impression that you greatly prefer Natural Gas, with all its problems, to using the power that we can harness from Wind, Water and Solar.  Wh-a-a-t?  China is cleaning up on Solar - they’ve usurped our domination in that field, when we were the ones that created it!  You don’t think the U.S. should try and be competitive in Solar?  You really think investing in T. Boone Pickens’ old methods of polluting our environment is a good idea right now?

At first, I watched your pre-show introduction today with relief, however that quickly turned to disappointment, when I saw how the interview with Josh Fox unfolded.

At the beginning I was relieved that you were, in fact, aware of the dangers of Natural Gas and considering how enamored we all know that you are of T. Boone Pickens, I was happy that you even gave a platform to the whole anti-Fracking movement AT ALL!!

My relief changed to disappointment when I realized that you were presenting Natural Gas as one of several viable solutions to our energy problems, and were hostile to anyone who held a different viewpoint. 

Your unreasonable bias against Josh Fox and his very valid points and your partiality towards (corporatist extraordinaire) T. Boone Pickens’ position was very evident from the beginning of the interview, as you grilled Josh, and tried to re-form his sentences into tidy sound bytes of what you claimed he stood for, without ever hearing or giving credence to the things he was actually saying!

You reminded me of Chris Matthews today, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

Chris has a few annoying habits which I find offensive, and you exhibited today.

1) Chris bullies his interviewees.  He does not really let them actually ever speak, and get a chance to state their case.  Nor does he ever listen to the few points his guests are able to wedge in, because he already has his next question written down, and he’s just waiting for the guest to stop speaking, so he can continue his assault with his next pre-planned question.  These type of interviews often feel like the cross-examination of a hostile witness, rather than a polite political discussion amongst people with varying viewpoints.

2) After allowing his guest to speak for maybe 15 seconds, Chris then tries to come up with a quick word or phrase that encapsulates his guest’s position, that is usually only partially based in truth.  And from that moment on, that person is, forevermore equated, in Chris’ eyes, with the now false label that he has thrust upon them.

3) Chris completely demeans his guest, with every gesture, snide comment, slight intonations, all designed to discredit his guest.  You did that today, in spades, with Josh Fox.  It was appalling.

I don’t know what your beef is with Fox’s VERY VALID POINTS, or if you are truly interested in coming up with the BEST solution for our nation’s energy needs.  You never let Josh state what his plan was!  You obnoxiously demanded three times, to know if Josh did, in fact, have a better policy idea, and although he said he did, you never let him describe it!  Instead you just charged on, with a very aggressive tone, using patronizing terms, trying to imply that Josh was some kind of crazy proselytizer, demanding answers, but then not allowing him to respond with the very answers you demanded!!

It was maddening, and completely non-constructive.  In truth, I was appalled at some of the jabs you threw out, Dylan.  I was EMBARRASSED to even be witnessing your behavior!  And I am seriously considering if I even want to continue to watch your show, if that is the way you are going to handle Liberals with constructive energy ideas!

T. Boone Pickens is a huge corporatist.  You cannot just ignore the statistics that Josh pointed out.  Pickens is a huge investor in BP.  Of course he wants to get us addicted to his OTHER product, as he can see the writing on the wall for the future of Oil in our country.  Pickens would profit immensely if he could just switch out our addiction to Oil with one to Natural Gas.

Dylan, think!! Like you said in your very own intro, and Josh Fox pointed out, there are many prices to pay if we start “mining” Natural Gas.  What is more important than our water?  Natural Gas is ugly, it WOULD discourage tourism, and it WOULD lower Real Estate values, and it WOULD pollute the ground water.  You said some of these things YOURSELF, and yet when Josh Fox said similar things, you viciously  attacked him.  Why?  What’s in it for you, to promote the lesser, more dangerous technology?  Your odd relationship with Pickens has always puzzled me.  You are “dabbling with the Dark Side”, Dylan, and I can’t figure out why!!

But the reason I felt a need to write to you this moment is because I was greatly offended by your interviewing style and actual behavior with a particular guest.

Josh Fox is on OUR SIDE.  Yet, there you were, waving a flag for the old, evil, Natural Gas technology, over the new, clean ones, and you came across as having some sort of inordinate INVESTMENT in Natural Gas technology that was coloring your ability to see clearly and behave rationally and politely on this issue.

So, I have to assume that you have stock invested in Natural Gas, or that you are in some way beholden to T. Boone.  Why else would you promote his obviously, seriously flawed old-school technology, which is NEITHER renewable, or healthy for all beings that share our environment?  I know you know that Natural Gas is an imperfect solution, so why did you behave the way you did today?

Here’s the part of the interview that I found particularly disturbing:

"[Josh Fox] says it’s basically completely impossible to get any fossil fuel or natural gas out of the ground safely in any way shape or form."

(if you listen carefully you can hear Josh Fox saying in the background:  no that’s not what I said)

In fact, Fox said that the companies that are currently using Fracking cannot stay within the confines of the current laws, with their current techniques, and they would have to invest MORE MONEY in order to do it lawfully.  Fox NEVER said it couldn’t be done, that is an out and out distortion of the facts, done with one purpose only - to make Josh Fox look bad.  Shame on you, Dylan.

And the following interactions were positively degrading and rude:

1. “Hold on one second Josh”

2. Do you have a plan, Josh (3x)

Josh: The primacy of oil is ending, and you have a lot of different choices.  T. Boone Pickens has 800,000 shares of Chesapeake Energy, 500,000 shares of BP.  He’s going out there and promoting

Dylan interrupts:  Isn’t that capitalism?

Josh: he’s promoting his own business interests, this has nothing to do with patriotism, this has nothing to do with independence.

Dylan interrupts:  Isn’t he putting his money where his mouth is, Josh?

Josh: True “independence” is moving beyond the oil barons of the past, because what we are talking about here is not putting a man on the moon.  What you are talking about is not changing the model.  The model is still we are dependent on huge extractive energy industry from fossil fuels.  We have to move beyond that.  Every scientist looking at Climate Change says we have to have ZERO Carbon Emissions.

Josh: ZERO Carbon Emissions means

Dylan interrupts:  Got it.

no more developing of Fossil Fuels.  Besides which

Dylan interrupts:  Got it.

Josh: it doesn’t even work economically.  As you said earlier in this segment - you cannot separate energy from the rest of the economy that is happening all around it.  If you were to drill every single square inch of this map (holds up map of T. Boone Pickens’ targeted areas for drilling - about half of the mid-west), basically what you would have is Natural Gas in that area, and no other economy.  It’s devastating to Real Estate, it’s devastating to Tourism, it’s devastating to the basic character of those areas.  You’d be living in a Toxic Drilling Zone, and this seems to be fine with T. Boone Pickens…

Dylan interrupts:  All right, thank you very much.

Josh: but it is not a solution, it is not a viable solution.

Dylan interrupts:  Josh, I’m running out of time, I’m running out of time Josh.  I get it.  You believe that Natural Gas would ruin the universe, and cannot be solved and…

Josh interrupts:  I don’t believe that you should be trivializing my position in that way, because you are trivializing the millions of people who live in that target drilling zone.

Dylan (slumps in seat, hand to cheek, rolling eyes):  I’m not, I’m not, Josh, I’m trying to solve the problem.

Josh: but it is not a solution, it is not a viable solution.  The choices are not just simply between oil and natural gas - the choices abound.

Dylan interrupts again:  I’m sorry, Josh, I’ve gotta go.  I’ve got James Cameron waiting, I’ve got too much going on.  You want to make a speech?  Put it on YouTube…I want to have a conversation to solve the problem with you - I’m not looking to get a propaganda speech from you any more than I am from Boone Pickens or anybody else.
WHAT?  How rude, “I’ve got James Cameron waiting”, “I’m not looking for a “Propaganda Speech”?  “Put it on YouTube.”

If I was Josh Fox, I would have said, “Fuck You, Dylan”!!  Your behavior was childish, patronizing, demeaning and offensive to watch.

I think Josh Fox deserves a big apology from you for how you publicly cut him off, tried to invalidate his points, tried to pin an inaccurate stance on him, and tried to marginalize all the very significant points he was making.

Go back and watch the tape.  Your behavior was shocking.  You went after Josh like a dog goes for red meat.  He did NOT deserve a tongue lashing.

I am rarely disappointed in you, Dylan, but today I am.

I’m not sure if I will even watch you on Monday or ever again.


Tara Thralls