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February 10, 2013 7:24 pm

DECISION TOMORROW:  EMERGENCY PETITION TO STOP RADIOACTIVE EYEGLASSES, KITCHENWARE, TOYS, etc.  Stop the Department of Energy plans to use 14,000 tons of radioactive scrap metals in the manufacturing of consumer products. 

U.S. Dept of Energy Secretary Steven Chu plans to dump 14,000 tons of radioactive scrap metal into the marketplace for use in the manufacturing of consumer products.1 This means that your everyday purchases, such as silverware, zippers, belt buckles, eyeglass frames, jewelry, watches, toys, pet bowls, and leashes could soon be made with radioactive scrap metal.

This action is being fast-tracked, with little regard for public comment. The deadline for a decision is this Monday, February 11.

That’s why I created an emergency petition on SignOn.org to Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, which says:

Stop the Department of Energy plans to use 14,000 tons of radioactive scrap metals in the manufacturing of consumer products. There is no safe level of radiation. Keep nuclear waste out of my home and workplace!

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Maureen Headington

May 16, 2012 5:09 pm

f="http://leftish.tumblr.com/post/23195928281/a-plea-to-the-occupy-movement">A Plea To The Occupy Movement

May 4, 2012

By  (about the author)


Stopping global warming is the signature issue of our time. If we do not reverse global warming, nothing else will matter. Not bringing the Wall Street crooks to justice or closing down the corrupt banks or stopping our government from spying on us.

A vital step is closing down our nukes. Nuclear power is not a legitimate alternative to the burning of fossil fuels because it is far more dangerous albeit in a distinctly different way. The risk of further contamination of our earth on which we depend for our survival cannot be tolerated.

In spite of the risks, powerful corporate executives are looking to use profitable nuclear plants to address problems associated with stopping global warming.

Even if CEOs refuse to do so, we have to recognize this stark fact: nuclear radiation knows no boundaries. It is incumbent on us to join other countries in ending nuclear power for it is immoral that by keeping ours running we would be putting at risk countless others around the world.

The disaster in Japan reminds us again of how dangerous this form of energy is. A molten mass of radioactive material lies at the bottom of the three reactors that experienced meltdowns shortly after the earthquake and tsunami hit northern Japan on March 11, 2011.

Structural remains of the containment vessels serve the short-term purpose of preventing radiation from leaking out into the atmosphere and contaminating not only Japan, but also much of the world. A second earthquake, predicted by seismologists to take place within the immediate future, has the potential to bring those structures tumbling down.

A hundred thousand Japanese have already been relocated within the country. There are recent reports that during negotiations over ownership of the Kuril Islands, Japanese officials told their Russian counterparts that due to Fukushima they are looking at evacuating roughly forty million people to one or more sites overseas. (See   HYPERLINK “click here“ click here)

Continued use of nuclear energy is being seen as part of a mix of alternatives to fossil fuels. A recent rebroadcast of a PBS program (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/nuclear-aftershocks/) featured several interviews with energy experts who proclaimed that our future energy needs couldn’t possibly be met without nuclear power. For this reason plans are being made to replace the ones that will be phased out.

Since there was no indication to the contrary, one can assume that this calculation about future energy needs was based on a continuation of the present way of life in industrialized countries. In other words, as economic growth, a core requirement of the capitalist system, continues, even anemically, additional power will be needed for new factories, office buildings, shopping centers, businesses, homes, schools, sports arenas, and transportation of all kinds as well as for waging war.

Even James Hansen, the premiere climate change expert, fears that closing down nukes would bring about a greater reliance on coal, increasing global warming. It’s either/or. But is it, really? The Entergy-owned Indian Point reactor on Long Island, for example, provides a quarter of the electricity used by New York City (click here). Conservation alone could easily eliminate the need for this plant.

Why not begin now to work toward making our energy-consumption commensurate with the energy that we can produce from alternative sources? Those who have run the capitalist system for the last hundred years have extravagantly and exploitively ravaged the planet’s resources for their personal gain. It has to stop.


April 18, 2012 3:38 pm
Support Indian Protestors; Stop Kudankulam reactors
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 16:03:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Nuclear Information and Resource Service <nirsnet@nirs.org>
Subject: Support Indian Protestors; Stop Kudankulam reactors



March 23, 2012

Dear Friends,

Dr. S.P. Udayakumar (Kumar to his friends, and I consider myself one of them) is a longtime leader in the peaceful resistance to nuclear power in India, as well as a leader in the NIRS/WISE international network. The Indian government has threatened to charge him with terrorism and “waging war” for his role in leading the nonviolent citizens movement against operation of the nearly-completed Kudankulam nuclear reactors in the Tamil Nadu section of southern India.

He is currently with 10,000 other people protesting near the reactor site. Some are on a hunger strike. Some 10,000 police have surrounded the protestors and reportedly are blocking the media from entering the area.

Dr. Udayakumar was able to get a moving letter to members of the NIRS/WISE network yesterday describing the current situation at the protest site. You can read it here, and also get links to TV interviews with him and other information.

Now he and other protest leaders are asking for international support. Let’s give it to them! Please help by sending a letter to top Indian officials, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, here.

We’re demanding that the Kudankulam reactors be stopped, and that the protestors be left alone.

Our friends at DiaNuke.org have prepared a background paper (pdf file) on the Russian-made Kudankulam reactors and the long struggle to stop them—a struggle that has intensified greatly since Fukushima.

Earlier today, for example, at least 500 people, including local political leaders—some reports say as many as 3,000—were arrested in an attempt to march to the protest site.

Another attempt by more protestors to reach the site will be made Monday.

We are calling on every one of you, from every country, to act now to support these protesters and help stop these most dangerous Kudankulam reactors now, before they can begin operation.
March 21, 2012 11:29 am
Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Goes Nuclear With Power-Industry Ads

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” is going nuclear.

The Nuclear Energy Institute, representing companies including Entergy Corp. (ETR) and Southern Co. (SO), will use the Emmy- award winning Comedy Central show starting today for an advertising campaign showing the value of atomic power a year after the triple meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant.

Jon Stewart during a taping of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” in New York on Nov. 30, 2011. Photographer: Brad Barket/AP Photo

The industry wants “to reach some of the younger audience that are helping to shape policy,” Scott Peterson, the Washington-based industry group’s senior vice president for communications, told reporters on a conference call yesterday.

NEI will double its annual advertising spending on the campaign, Peterson said, without providing specific figures. The ads will appear in the next six months in such outlets as the Washington Post, the Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, and on “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams,” the network’s “Meet the Press,” National Public Radio and Facebook.

The NEI is joining other industry groups, such as the American Petroleum Institute, that are seeking to reach policymakers in an election year where energy policy has become a central theme. A glut of cheap natural gas has discouraged investment in other sources of electricity, and the average retail price of gasoline for the week ended March 16 reached $3.87 a gallon, the Energy Department said.

API Commercials

API, which represents oil companies such as ConocoPhillips (COP) of Houston and Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) of Irving, Texas, today plans to start a series of commercials aimed at encouraging President Barack Obama to take action to lower gas prices, Sabrina Fang, a spokeswoman for the group, said in an e-mail.

The oil group supports congressional approval of TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which the Obama administration has stalled pending completion of further environmental review early next year.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission two weeks ago issued its first orders in response to the Fukushima disaster and six weeks ago awarded Southern of Atlanta a permit to build reactors, ending a 30-year drought for new projects.

“Our goal is to communicate the overriding need for nuclear energy,” which provides about 20 percent of all electricity generated in the U.S., Peterson, of the NEI, said.

NEI spent $2.18 million on lobbying in 2011, up 29 percent from its expenditures in 2010, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Expenditures for 2012, released each quarter, aren’t available.


July 12, 2011 12:36 pm
Time to Shut Down California's Nuclear Plants by Norman Solomon

The facts all point to this “inconvenient truth” — the time has come to shut down California’s two nuclear power plants as part of a swift transition to an energy policy focused on clean and green renewable sources and conservation. The Diablo Canyon plant near San Luis Obispo and the San Onofre plant on the southern California coast are vulnerable to meltdowns from earthquakes and threaten both residents and the environment. Reactor safety is just one of the concerns. Each nuclear power plant creates radioactive waste that will remain deadly for thousands of years. This is not the kind of legacy that we should leave for future generations.

Read entire article…

July 10, 2011 2:11 pm

f="http://leftish.tumblr.com/post/7466408983/i-get-so-happy-when-my-posts-get-reblogged">I get so happy when my posts get reblogged.

[Quick Note; I know this is an exceedingly long post, and I apologize in advance for that. I also know that I could use the thingy that shortens posts, and supplies a click thru link, but I am well aware of how often I actually click thru, and truth to tell, it is not very often, so I figure, if you don’t want to read this post you can just scroll on, but if you DO want to read my commentary, it will all be there in one L-O-O-N-G swatch of text, without you having to click away from your feed in order to read it. You will, however, need to click through to read the actual article I am referencing, which is WAY longer than my commentary! Again, my sincere apologies if this offends you.]

I am thrilled that so many of you care about Gay Rights, and Wikileaks, and the Government, as well as the other stuff I post about. Now, I am hoping you can see that if you don’t care about THIS particular issue, in THIS particular post, that there may not BE a government to even DISCUSS in the future!!

I know, I KNOW.  There is a great temptation to bury our heads in the sand, and just ignore the ongoing terrifying disaster in Japan, and just continue posting on Tumblr instead…but the truth is, if we don’t SHUT DOWN EVERY NUCLEAR REACTOR ON THE PLANET, there might not BE a TUMBLR!! Our SPECIES WILL BE DOOMED…SO PLEASE, READ MY POST as well as the LINKED ARTICLE.  I am not being over-dramatic here. This is a very real and serious concern.

Look we all know it — the fat cats who own the government and the power companies aren’t going to change on their own, nor fix this voluntarily.  This is one issue that may just require “We the People” to make our voices heard if we want ANYTHING done.

All over the planet, other countries are choosing to shut down their Nuclear Reactors and to seek other, safer forms of energy.  Other countries don’t want to use the AMERICAN-MADE NUCLEAR REACTORS any more, because the American reactors were NOT BUILT FOR EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE, and citizens around the world are coming to their senses and are starting to acknowledge that there IS NO KNOWN VIABLE WAY TO “CLEAN UP” after a nuclear disaster, such as the one we have already witnessed in Japan. It’s starting to sink in that nuclear waste will not degrade, not for hundreds of thousands of years….And our world cannot continue to spin the dice on this.  We’ve already had three serious disasters, and we cannot risk having more.

Here in America, the populace seems to be apathetic and asleep about this issue. If it is not being talked about on the Evening News, we Americans are content to forget about it. We are lazy and just want somebody else to solve this problem.

Well, we screwed up big time on this one. There is no current solution known to man at this time that can fix this.

Please realize the scope of this. It is mind-boggling, I know.

Maybe you’re just hoping you can scoot by, and live your life before the shit hits the fan…but if you care about anyone besides yourself, other people, your ancestors, the animals and plant life on our beautiful planet, you might want to see what you can do to reverse this dangerous course that a few rich and powerful men have set for our entire planet.

If you care about the survival of human life on earth, please read and REBLOG this.

We need to get together globally on this issue. Seriously.

WE MAY NEED TO MARCH, WE MAY NEED TO WRITE LETTERS, WE DEFINITELY NEED TO GET ORGANIZED AND WE DEFINITELY NEED TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD (I will write more on how to actually accomplish getting our voices heard in future posts). Here in California, there is already a ballot measure scheduled that would close both of our Nuclear Power Plants, effective within 6 months, if passed).

In Sacramento, in the 80s, THE VOTERS DEFEATED the opening of the Rancho Seco Power Plant, and it was CLOSED before it was ever operated commercially. If we made it happen once, we can make it happen again…the same can be done with all Nuclear Power Plants throughout the world.  Ben Davis, the lawyer who wrote the Rancho Seco ballot measure is also the author of the current one.  He filed on March 19. 2011, just 8 days after the Fukushima Disaster.

THE PEOPLE need to stand together against governments, against big corporations, against police states that are willing to gamble with our health and safety for their own personal greedy agendas. We HAVE to stand up, as a group, and SAY NO! “WE THE PEOPLE” WON’T LET YOU DO THIS TO OUR PLANET!

The media is executing a full and complete BLACKOUT on reporting about this disaster, because they know that if they reported the truth, there would be mass hysteria and possible chaos.  I’m not kidding.

Please force yourself to read this article, you NEED to KNOW things like the barely published facts that:

STILLBIRTHS in eight U.S. Western Cities increased 35% in the ten weeks after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and that "Hot Particles", too small to be detected by geiger counters are showing up in Seattle NOW!!

PLEASE, don’t be an OSTRICH!

[EXTRA NOTE* from Leftish: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE READ AND REBLOG THIS ARTICLE! I know it’s not NEARLY as salacious as a good Congressional Sex Scandal, but your LIFE AND HEALTH may depend on it.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

FULL MELTDOWN: Fukushima Called the ‘Biggest Industrial Catastrophe in the History of Mankind’

(partial excerpt)

In the US, physician Janette Sherman MD and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano published an essay shedding light on a 35 per cent spike in infant mortality in northwest cities that occurred after the Fukushima meltdown, and may well be the result of fallout from the stricken nuclear plant

The eight cities included in the report are San Jose, Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle, and Boise, and the time frame of the report included the ten weeks immediately following the disaster.

Clearly the upper West Coast of the US has people being affected. That area got hit pretty heavy in April.”

Why have alarms not been sounded about radiation exposure in the US?

Nuclear operator Exelon Corporation has been among Barack Obama’s biggest campaign donors, and is one of the largest employers in Illinois where Obama was senator. Exelon has donated more than $269,000 to his political campaigns, thus far. Obama also appointed Exelon CEO John Rowe to his Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future.

"Most of the reactors in Japan were designed by US companies who did not care for the effects of earthquakes," Dr Sawada told Al Jazeera. "I think this problem applies to all nuclear power stations across Japan."

"I think the Fukushima accident has caused the Japanese people to abandon the myth that nuclear power stations are safe," he said. "Now the opinions of the Japanese people have rapidly changed. Well beyond half the population believes Japan should move towards natural electricity."   

Gundersen worries about more earthquake aftershocks, as well as how to cool two of the units.

There is no science for this, no one has ever imagined having hot nuclear fuel lying outside the fuel pool. They’ve not figured out how to cool units three and four.”

"Units one through three have nuclear waste on the floor, the melted core, that has plutonium in it, and that has to be removed from the environment for hundreds of thousands of years," he said. "Somehow, robotically, they will have to go in there and manage to put it in a container and store it for infinity, and that technology doesn’t exist. Nobody knows how to pick up the molten core from the floor, there is no solution available now for picking that up from the floor."

"Until we know how to safely dispose of the radioactive materials generated by nuclear plants, we should postpone these activities so as not to cause further harm to future generations," he explained. "To do otherwise is simply an immoral act, and that is my belief, both as a scientist and as a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing.

"With Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, and now with Fukushima, you can pinpoint the exact day and time they started," he said, "But they never end."

Read entire article…

IMPORTANT: We cannot ignore this issue, even though the media has been doing just that for many months.  Our survival on Earth is at stake. Please Reblog if you want to replace all Nuclear Power Plants with Safe, Clean Energy.

May 20, 2011 9:01 pm April 27, 2011 10:02 am

f="http://leftish.tumblr.com/post/4987307685/reblog-if-you-want-the-u-s-to-shut-down-all-nuclear">REBLOG If you want the U.S. to SHUT DOWN ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IMMEDIATELY.

Yesterday was the 25th Annniversary of Chernobyl?  Was it covered by the National Media?  No.  Why?  Not a good time to bring up ANYTHING about Nuclear Accidents!

We don’t want to stir up the populace by reminding them of the horror that is unfolding right now in Japan, and seeping through the rest of the planet.  I think we are all dosed by now.

According to KPFA yesterday, the truth is that most governments keep a 20% storage of “extra energy” on hand.  Coincidentally, the U.S. gets 20% of its energy from Nuclear Reactors.  So, theoretically, we could shut down all the reactors and never miss a beat.

Many scientists agree that we could get ALL of our ENERGY from Renewable Resources, if we had the will.

Sacramento closed Rancho Seco, Long Island closed down $6 billion Shoreham Plant before it was ever operated commercially.  IT CAN BE DONE!!

It’s our job to make a stink, and let the politicians know that we’re not having it.  Let them know we INSIST UPON CHANGE.  Nuclear and Oil based energy are UNSAFE.  END OF STORY.

We have better alternatives and WE DEMAND access to them!

The rest of the world is pulling away from us, as we hold on to these archaic methods of extracting energy, while they’re developing and getting the jump on the Solar and Wind industries.

I’ve had ENOUGH!!  Have you?


Are you ready to


April 26, 2011 7:30 pm
"Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Ban really impressed the United Nations…not the plan, but that he could pronounce “Nuclear”."

Bill Maher
April 23, 2011 12:21 am April 11, 2011 10:02 pm March 18, 2011 4:50 pm

f="http://leftish.tumblr.com/post/3949013040/i-have-never-believed-that-nuclear-power-plants-were">I have never believed that Nuclear Power Plants were safe.

It makes no sense to be messing with ANYTHING that takes thousands of years to become inactive. We are just not smart enough to deal with this Pandora’s Box!!

I mean it could be that there is even a simple way to deactivate this stuff, but we don’t know it yet. It kinda reminds me of that great Buckminster Fuller quote:

"Pollution is nothing but the resources we’re not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because were ignorant of their value."

….wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to “neutralize” all of this radiation?

March 17, 2011 8:37 pm