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April 16, 2012 6:44 pm

f="http://leftish.tumblr.com/post/21245177991/glenn-beck-doing-no-better-on-sfs-knew-960-than">Glenn Beck doing no better on SF’s KNEW 960 than Stephanie Miller

I just spent 22 minutes on the phone with KNEW 960

Yeah, Bay Area folks - it used to be Green 960…If you, too, have been missing the old lineup - here’s what I learned:

Stephanie Miller from 6-9 am and Thom Hartmann from 9-Noon

were not getting good enough ratings…so Green 960 became KNEW 960, and now we have GLENN BECK on in Stephanie’s slot, both Stephanie and Thom air, but they are no longer live, there is a Finance Show on from 6-7 pm, and Stephanie is not live, but airs at 7-10 pm.  So, we get a canned morning show, on our ride home at night…can’t call in, can’t find out what’s happened during the day, it’s an insult.

Truth is, I experience RAGE when I turn on 960 now…they’ve forced me to seek out other Radio Outlets, because I don’t want to hear this morning’s stories at night - stuff happens during the day, and I want to hear TODAY’S stories…like, Stephanie made no mention that Rick Santorum had dropped out of the race on Monday, because it HADN’T HAPPENED when her show aired that morning!  So I feel RAGE when I turn on 960 in the morning and get Glenn Beck, and I feel rage when I turn on 960 at 6 pm and get a financial show, and I feel rage when I try to get some actual live broadcasting from 960 past 7 pm at night!

I let this guy Corey know about it…he agreed…he confessed he used to have a little Sunday evening show on the old Green 960…and he missed the lives shows airing at their actual time, too…

He told me that Glenn Beck’s ratings are about the same as Stephanie’s was, except now they have a lot of irate listeners (who, like me, I bet, are seeking out other progressive, live radio stations to listen to fill their needs).

I asked Corey if Green 960 had irate customers calling in to complain about Stephanie’s show, the way they now call in to complain about Beck’s show…he said, “No.” They never had any complaints about Stephanie…so I suggested going back to Stephanie live when both Beck and Stephanie’s contracts come up for renewal, because, if the ratings are the same, and you could have no irate customers, wouldn’t that be better?

If you are a local Bay Area listener, and have also been distressed with the downhill trend that 960 has taken, maybe you could give the programming guy, Corey a call (415) 356-5546…just ask for Corey…otherwise they will try and get you to record your comment on the comment line…I mean, that’s good, too…but if Corey starts hearing from more people, maybe he can influence the powers that be to get Stephanie back on in the morning, airing live, and then another live show in the evening…